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G7 Rooftop

If You Want The Perfect Photo of Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hotel, Go to G7 Rooftop

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Miami is full of amazing spots. If you are traveling there for the first time, you must have a proper plan for what to see during your time.

For me, the most iconic places are the South Beach and the Ocean Drive. If you ever played GTA Vice City, then you must know about that road.

But surely there are many other things to see. I mean, so many that you will need much more than a typical vacation of two weeks to catch them all.

The best way to have a good time in Miami is to choose what you wanna do there. My story is a great example. I am focused on rooftop bars because I just love spending time there. An evening with a view of the whole city is just incredible, especially in combination with a nice cocktail.

And I’ve prepared another story for today. It is about the G7 Rooftop and its impressive view of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel.

View of Hard Rock Casino Hotel
View of Hard Rock Casino Hotel


The hotel is quite impressive, you can see it from far away, and sitting on the rooftop of a taller building really hits the spot if you are looking for an attractive landscape. But passing nearby Hard Rock Casino Hotel on the streets is nothing less astounding.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel
View from the street

I was timing the right moment when I went to G7 Rooftop just to enjoy the best possible moment, the sunset.

Sunset at G7 Rooftop
Just check this out

I decided to just enjoy a moment with a cup of coffee and prepare myself for the evening in this place.

It is More Than Just the View

The landscape you get from this rooftop is unique, but that is not the only thing that makes this spot so special. The G7 is a special combination of Fusion Japanese cuisine.

So the decision was quite simple for me, I went for sushi rolls. Since I went there with a friend, we chose a larger portion called G8, made with Torched toro, avocado, cucumber, pickled daikon, on top torched sweet sauce, jalapeno, sriracha, chili oil, and salt. Just check out their menu, you will see a lot of interesting options, especially when it comes to sushi rolls.

G8 Sushi rolls at G7 Rooftop
G8 Sushi rolls

Drinks are also quite unusual when compared to other spots. Arak and Sambuca are the most popular. The one I must highlight is the Zachlawi pistaccio Arak.

Zachlawi pistaccio Arak
It may seem light, but Pistachio Arak has 40% alcohol

After the cocktail, I was interested in some of their main dishes. I was quite hungry, so as my friend, so we went for the real deal. He chose the Short ribs, and my selection was Boneless ribeye.

This place is more than just the restaurant, a lot of people love coming here for the parties. The best time before the sunset as the DJ will start spinning the music on the rooftop, and it really is a special ambient.


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You can check the post above and catch a glimpse into the night out at this amazing rooftop.

So, the conclusion is that G7 Rooftop really has a lot to offer. You get premium food, a beautiful view, and an impressive ambiance. So all in all, another rooftop bar to visit again.


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