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Why You Should Spend Your Next Evening at Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita’s Rooftop?

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If you were following what I was doing recently, then you know that I am going around Miami to find the best places to enjoy this amazing city to the fullest.

Hanging on some rooftop really is the best way to spend time here. I mean, beaches are great, but I am always more for good food and a nice cocktail.

So I tried to find all of them. It was quite a journey. And it’s not that simple. The more I search, the more great rooftops  I discover. And I love it.

However, I can’t really focus on all the good sides one place can offer if I am in a rush to check out as many of them as I can in only a few days.

That was the case when I was looking for spots with the best view in town.

This time, I was more into dedicating a whole evening to only one place.

I chose a place my friend recommended to me. We gathered together with a few other friends and made a reservation for Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita’s Rooftop. Strange name right? For me, it was already a sign of having a great time.

And now I will share how it all went there.


The first thing I noticed was the mix of old and new.

The building had a history as a fire station, but now it was updated with a stylish look that still respected its origins.

The Mediterranean Revival style was impressive as we headed up to the rooftop.

Up top, the view was incredible. The Miami skyline was right there, and the sunset colors were just wrapping around us.

It felt like a secret spot in the city, with comfortable seating and plants that made it welcoming.

We got there just in time for the tail end of happy hour, so we went for a round of half-priced drinks, choosing from both cocktails and beers. The server picked up on our curiosity about the menu and suggested some top choices.

The vibe is chill. I like it from the start. It seems like a place where classy and casual are balanced. Which is not always the case. You know, some places are either elegant( and even with a dress code, like Giselle), or those where people will come directly from the beach.

The Menu

You might’ve noticed that I prefer highlighting that food is always my main focus. It won’t be any different here. So, let’s jump to the menu to see what that’s all about.

We began with the Black Truffle Linguini. Right when it came out, we got hit with the smell of truffle, and it was awesome. The pasta was spot on, all wrapped up in a sauce that was just the right kind of creamy.

Next was the Al Pasto Taco Flatbread. It was a real winner, with the pork and pineapple giving us a mix of sweet and tangy that we didn’t even know we wanted. The chipotle mayo gave it a little kick that really made the flavors pop.

The Free Range Chicken Milanese was next, and it was perfectly crispy. The greens and tomatoes on the side were a nice touch, making the whole thing feel lighter. We didn’t need any more cheese; it was already rich enough as is.

Then we tried the Seafood and Chicken Paella. It was packed with shrimp, calamari, and chicken, all mixed into rice that was cooked just right and full of taste.

We finished off with the Hawaiian Tuna Poke Bowl. The tuna was super fresh, and the poke sauce made it even better. The avocado and mango added a smooth and sweet finish that was really refreshing.

For me, it was a great course of meals I wanted to complete with a proper dessert. And when you hear that “There is always room for a dessert“, trust me, it really is like that.

I was full and surely not hungry after all the food, but Message in a Bottle, a chocolate masterpiece, was just the thing I needed before I continued the evening with cocktails and good music.

And about the drinks. I already mentioned the Happy Hour. We catched some of it. So, my first drink was only seven bucks, more than double from what I had to pay after 7 pm when the price jumped up to $16.

My choice was the Firehouse 1923. It was a solid one with Don Julio Blanco Tequila and a kick from Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur and Serrano Pepper. The agave nectar and lime juice smoothed it out just enough. It was bold and had a nice burn to it. An easy decision for me to stay on it for the whole evening.

Also, I suggested an interesting rule to my friends, where each one must take another type of cocktail. You know, just so I can describe more of them here.

My friend picked the Union Mezcal Union Paloma. It was a cool mix of smoky mezcal with fresh lime and grapefruit juice. A touch of honey and some fizz from the sparkling water made it easy to sip, and the jalapeño slices gave it a little extra something.

The Passion Mule was another buddy’s pick. It was like a mini vacation in a glass with Ketel One Oranje, passion fruit, and lime juice. The ginger beer added a fun, spicy fizz. It was the kind of drink that made you think of sunny days.

For the one who loves the classics, the Ron Zacapa Old Fashioned hit the spot. That aged rum with a bit of simple syrup, bitters, and the fruitiness of orange peel and black cherries made each sip a treat.

Cool Ambient and Great Music

After we finished eating, the place started to feel different. The DJ was playing music that got everyone in the mood for a night out in Miami. It wasn’t just something to listen to but to make you want to get up and join in.

The restaurant had a cool vibe, with lights that made the old building look great. It was set up so you could easily talk to people around you. It felt like a spot where you could hang out and have a good time.

Spending the night at Dolores was about more than just the food. It was about the whole experience – the drinks, the atmosphere, and the fun of being out in Miami.

When we left, we all felt like we just had a night to remember.


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