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I Just Went to Serena Rooftop Bar – This is My Experience

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Serena is up on the top floor of that new Moxy hotel in Miami Beach.

And this is not my first time here. I recently went on a tour around Miami to find the rooftops with the best views, and this one is on that list. You can check the whole guide here.

However, it was just a quick visit the last time. I had one drink. My idea was only to share the views of some great spots in Miami.

But this time, I wanted to dedicate more time to it. So I booked a table with a plan to have a nice dinner. I was excited to see what the food was like at Serena.

Sometimes places are only good for drinks, but not always the eating too, you know?

Now I will share how it all went there.

I Will Start with the Menu

Main course at the restaurant - Carne Asada and Chicken Tacos

Honestly, I was quite hungry when making a reservation. And the food was all I was into when I got here.

I decided to take my girlfriend for a romantic dinner. Serena seemed like a perfect choice for that. It was a good decision! I mean, what can go wrong with such a good view? Even not-so-great food would easily pass here only because of the ambient. But compromising was not the deal here. The food is great.

We started with a shared appetizer of guacamole and chips. The guac was incredibly fresh and creamy –  definitely worth the price. We also got an order of ceviche to start, which was full of seafood and bright citrus flavors. A nice light option on a warm day.

For our mains, I went with the carne asada. The steak was cooked perfectly and came with delicious sides. My partner chose the chicken tacos, which were packed with flavor like usual. Both dishes did not disappoint.

After filling up on the hearty entrees, we decided to split a dessert of churros. They were warm, gooey inside, and paired perfectly with chocolate dipping sauce.

To accompany our meal, we chose some cocktails. My girlfriend went for Sangria while I ordered Margarita.

No romantic dinner is complete without something sweet, so we ordered Churros. Served warm with a thick chocolate sauce for dipping, they provided the ideal sweet finish.

As you can see, I didn’t mention the prices because, you know, you just don’t pay attention to that when taking your girls out.

But it is not as expensive as some other places around. I spent $150 with a tip for everything. Here is their menu.

The Service is Also Good

The service we got was on point. Our food came out perfectly timed. Waiters here really know their job. They will check on you from time to time, and observe from a distance so they don’t make it awkward. You know, no one likes someone standing behind you and constantly approaching to take things and ask if you want something else. It’s just annoying.

The guy that was serving was attentive without hovering around our table, and I really liked that.

Overall Impression

My experience - Serena Rooftop Miami

To cut it short, it was just as it should be. My girl and I had a great night here. The place is relaxing and romantic at the same time. The music is chill, loud enough so the table next to yours wouldn’t hear what you are talking about, but still not loud enough to disrupt your conversation.

Therefore, I definitely recommend it to everyone from now on.

And you should also check out their special and private events. I just checked and the bar is not all they have to offer.

They have three different areas you can use. The main roof can hold up to 400 people. It’s outside with a cover over top. You can see the ocean really nicely up there.

The 8th-floor roof is called Upside. You can see the beach and city from all over. It holds 300 people and is good for parties or meeting folks.

The second floor has a pool with cabanas around it. The cool part is the pool goes right through the floor! So you can hang by the water cutting through. That would be a fun spot for sure. So, for me, a reason to come back here again.


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