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I Will Keep Coming Back to Rooftop Cinema Club South Beach

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I took a short break from all those rooftop bars and decided to look for something even more unique.

Honestly, I was looking for something special as I wanted to impress my date. I was thinking about a cinema, but then I thought, there is nothing special about taking a date to the cinema anymore as everyone is doing that. Also, I didn’t like the selection of new titles. Most of them are either action and fantasy with superheroes, or another unoriginal horror. I mean, the only thing I could choose at Silverspot Cinema was Garfield.

And I would choose it if didn’t find something even more special. I found a spot that perfectly fits what I have been doing in recent times, a rooftop spot where you can watch older releases. The place is called Rooftop Cinema Club South Beach.

After I checked the upcoming shows, the right solution was quite easy. I knew I would have a perfect date there. The movie I chose is a well-known romantic comedy – Friends with Benefits with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. That seemed like the best choice for taking a girl out.

movies in rooftop cinema
These are the movies you can watch in the next few days

The movie was airing at 7:25 pm, so I planned a whole evening according to that. My plan was to enjoy that funny romance, and then leave just at the right time to visit Serena Rooftop Bar, a perfect spot I recently checked.

And now, I’ll stop bugging you with my love life, and start sharing insights about that rooftop cinema.

Let’s Start with the Ambient

Is there a better way to spend the evening than watching the sunset? Well, we are here to watch the movie actually, but you simply cannot ignore it. It was amazing. Like a cheat code, as my date was quite impressed, I could see that on her face.

Just check out this photo, and you will understand what I am talking about.

a car decorated with flowers

Another interesting detail is that there are no big surround systems. You have to wear headphones while watching the movie. That also creates a special ambiance. Just remove the headset during the movie, and you will be amazed at the silence present in the crowd. I could only hear a couple giggling a few rows away.

People watching a movie

I never watched a movie this way. I mean, I used headphones before at home, but it is a completely different experience when the whole crowd is just sitting silently. That is what makes Rooftop Cinema Club so unique. I don’t know about a similar place here in Miami.

It’s Still a Rooftop Bar

Even though the movies are the main reason people are coming here, there is a bar, a pretty decent one actually. Most people will just take popcorn, and I get it, you just can’t watch a movie without snacks.

This is all you need for a good movie in this place. My date also got popcorn for the start.

headphones and a bag of popcorn

But you know how it goes with popcorn, I would eat the whole bag before the movie even started. So I quickly went for another bag. However, I also decided to make things more interesting. I saw they were making cocktails. I chose House Daiquiri and Fernetsies, and of course, another bag of popcorn.

cocktails, headphones, and popcorns
Just a quick snap of what I got

The menu is surprisingly good for a cinema, you can check it out here.

I saw they got pizza and some other food, but I skipped that. As I already mentioned, I planned a dinner at Serena Rooftop after the movie.

Overall, this spot is surely something you shouldn’t miss. It is a comfortable and chill place, and it was in my case, a perfect solution for a unique date. But you can come here with friends or even alone. Having a great time is guaranteed.

And that’s it for today. And if you are wondering how it all went at Serena. Well, I will keep that for myself.

One thing is sure. Rooftop Cinema Club South Beach is definitely on my list of favorite rooftops in Miami from now on.


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