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Higher Ground Miami – My Review 2024

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After taking a break for a couple of days from observing Miami’s incredible rooftops, I decided to start over with my adventure.

So, the last time I presented a guide for those who want to explore these great places. You can check it out here.

One of those places I visited was Wynwood. However, I skipped one part of that place. It’s a separate area on the roof called Higher Ground.

I walked into Higher Ground Wynwood with no expectations. It was just another Miami evening, but I wanted something different, away from the usual spots.

Wynwood has been the go-to place for a good time, but Higher Ground intrigued me. I’d heard positive things and decided to give it a try.

Here is my experience.

I’ll Start with the Ambient

Higher Ground in Miami isn’t your typical hotspot. There are no velvet ropes or VIP lists here.

Instead, you’re welcomed by a warm, inviting atmosphere that feels like a friend’s backyard gathering rather than a bar in the heart of Wynwood’s bustling arts district.

The design of Higher Ground cleverly blurs the lines between indoor comfort and the allure of open-air lounging.

Inside, cozy seating and ambient lighting create a welcoming retreat. But it’s the outdoor deck that truly captures the essence of the place.

Surrounded by lush greenery and subtle lighting, this space feels both intimate and expansive, offering a serene backdrop to the lively streets of Wynwood.

What sets Higher Ground apart is its effortlessly cool vibe. It’s not trying too hard to impress, it just does.

The music is a carefully prepared playlist for the mood without overpowering conversation and complements the overall experience.

It’s a place where background tunes add to the ambiance, allowing for easy conversations and relaxed encounters.

Higher Ground feels like a natural extension of Wynwood itself.

The decor draws inspiration from the neighborhood’s renowned street art and creative energy, adding layers of visual interest without going overboard.

The Menu

The ambient and music are calling guests to choose cocktails over other available drinks. And they really know how to make a good one.

I just love it when I see unique combinations. But the problem comes when I can’t decide on which one to choose for the start.

So I asked a guy who was serving me for a suggestion on how to start my night in this place.

He brought me their famous “Sunset on La Playa,” an interesting mix of Ilegal Mezcal, Strega, and Giffard Banane, swizzled with OJ, lime, and a dash of coriander turmeric elixir. It’s refreshing.

Sunset on La Playa - Higher Ground Miami

Another round was reserved for “Lush Life,” which featured Palo Santo-infused Altos Blanco and Chinola, shaken with Li Hing Mui, and lime juice, and rimmed with black lava salt.

It was a beautifully balanced cocktail, with a depth of flavor that was both complex and inviting. So I decided to stay on this one for the rest of my time there.

When it comes to food, I started my evening with a light choice: the smoked fish dip.

Local swordfish combined with deviled egg mousse and served with saltines.

The result? A fresh, flavorful appetizer that sets the perfect tone for the night.

The dip had a lovely balance of smoky and creamy textures, which complemented the crispness of my cocktails. It left a lasting impression.

Next up was the playful yet delicious “You Had Me at Avocado.” This dish featured heirloom tomatoes, avocado, honey walnut vinaigrette, pickled shallot, and watercress.

The View

The outdoor deck at Higher Ground Wynwood is where the magic happens.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best view out there, but it definitely belongs to the top list.

The atmosphere is chill. Soft music plays in the background as guests get comfortable, sipping on their cocktails and enjoying the view. It’s a time when the city’s hustle fades away, and everyone just enjoys good company and tasty drinks.

So, it is the right place to be after having a busy day at work.

As the night unfolds, the deck’s ambiance undergoes a subtle transformation.

What begins as a peaceful sanctuary gradually morphs into a bustling gathering.

The music gains momentum, conversations become livelier, and the very essence of Wynwood seems to infuse the deck.

Remarkably, amidst the buzz, Higher Ground preserves its relaxed atmosphere. And that’s what I liked the most about this place.

It’s up to you how you will spend your time there. A party and chill, 2 in 1, in the same place.

And in the end, one thing is sure, I will visit that place again.


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