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Terras at Life House, Little Havana – My Review 2024

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My quest for the finest rooftop gems began with Rosa Sky and then brought me to the doorstep of Terras at Life House.

It’s a rooftop spot that’s like a lush, tropical getaway.

As soon as I stepped onto the rooftop, I could tell it was going to be an evening to remember.

Now, let me tell you about the awesome time I had there.

I Will Start With the Ambient


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It’s a peaceful spot right above the city, filled with greenery and a hint of spice in the air. The Terras is cozy and full of life, with little touches that remind you of places far away.

I quickly noticed the laid-back elegance, with cool art and furniture that make you feel connected to nature.

It’s where Miami’s energy meets Latin America’s soul. You can chill out and enjoy the city views or have a fun night out, all under the open sky.

All in all, I was glad I got there even before I took the menu to see what to have.

Let’s Check that Menu Now

Life House Hotel - Terras restaurant menu - cocktail

I started my night at Terras with their amazing cocktails, made with fresh stuff from the garden. The one that stood out was the Sandia Fresca. It’s this super refreshing mix of Tito’s vodka, watermelon juice, mint, and lime. Drinking it felt like a cool Miami evening breeze – it’s like summer in a glass.

From my experience, Rosa Sky Rooftop has a fewer cocktail selection than Terras, but it’s still worth checking out!

And trust me, there is no better option for opening when you get on a rooftop like this one than ordering a nice cocktail.

But my visit was not only for joy(or is it?). Nevermind. I decided to explore more from the great selection of cocktails. The one that caught my attention was La Exploradora. I asked the waiter what is that spiced orange drink most people around me were drinking.

So I had to try it. The unique combo of tequila, curacao, jalapeno agave syrup, and a dash of tajin. It was like a fiesta of flavors in my mouth. Sweet, spicy, and tangy, all at once, a real Latin American spirit.

The menu at Terras takes street food to the next level with some serious culinary flair.

I went for a mix of dishes to see what the chefs could do.

Starting with the Guacamole served with blue chips, it was fresh and full of flavor.

You could tell that the fresh herbs and spices from their garden were the stars of the show.

For my main dish, I couldn’t pass up the Tacos.

I tried the Chicken, Steak, and Mushroom varieties, and they were all amazing.

The chicken taco, marinated in asada and topped with chipotle aioli and scallion, was a flavor bomb.

The steak taco came next, with a rich chimi sauce and crunchy potato – so satisfying.

And the mushroom taco? Just fantastic, with smoky scallion and salsa macha adding a great kick.

Terras really stands out for its dedication to quality and the way it presents everything.

They use local stuff which helps the neighborhood and makes sure everything you taste is super fresh.

My time there was like a tour of different flavors, traditions, all that in the center of Miami.

My Overall Experience

My visit to Terras was more than just grabbing a bite. it was a memorable experience.

The staff was super friendly from the get-go, making me feel right at home.

And if you don’t trust me, just check out what other guests have to say:

Rebeca from Florida said: “Went here on a date and it’s such a cute spot! I loved the ambiance, the cocktails were amazing. We ordered a spicy margarita and the guacamole. Highly recommend. I did vale to park because the neighborhood was a little bit sketch but nothing to say I didn’t feel safe. I just didn’t want to park far and walk around by myself.”

Anna, also a local, shared this: “We had some bites and some laughs at terras. The guac was so interesting and had something I hadn’t had before in a guacamole. We also ordered the birria tacos and shrimp Ceviche. I don’t remember what drink I ordered but it was yummy. The service was extremely fast and the view was amazing.”

I saw that Patricia from Oregon had a similar experience just like I did:

“This was a real find! The food and drinks were exceptional and the staff was so fun, friendly and knowledgeable. The view of the city made this such a fun place to end our first day back in Miami.”

And before I continue, I want to share that some reviews are about issues with parking and certain prices being too high. Well, I can’t say anything about the first one since I got there with an Uber. And for the second one. I think it’s worth the extra price!

They were eager to share the stories behind their menu, adding a personal touch to the meal that made it even more enjoyable.

The service was just right – laid-back but still top-notch.

The waiters are not only serving food and suggesting things, but they can make you want to try everything.

I took one of their tips and went for the Maracuya Pisco Sour.

It was a real treat, full of different flavors that got better with every sip. A perfect way to complete my visit. But I simply wanted more, which I did.

The Frita Burger Sliders. Trust me. Don’t miss this one when you get here.

That evening, the sunset over Miami’s skyline was a highlight.

As the city started to light up, the rooftop changed from a sunny spot to a magical evening place.

It was the perfect mix of a great meal and a beautiful setting that made the night unforgettable.

Terras at Life House in Little Havana is definitely more than a place to eat. It is a perfect blend where everything is surprisingly blended just in the right way, the food, the drinks, the view, everything!


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