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Rosa Sky Rooftop – My Review 2024

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I just left the lively atmosphere of Miami’s streets and entered an elevator.

A press of a button, and I was ascending to the Rosa Sky Rooftop.

When the elevator doors opened, it was like walking into a Miami postcard.

The skyline stretched out before me. And about the view – the golden-pink glow of the sunset – I felt satisfied even before getting a table.

It felt as if the city had put on its finest colors to welcome me.

Right when I got there, it felt like a friendly hug.

The place looked cool but also really comfy like it was made for hanging out and making memories.

I grabbed a drink and let myself relax in the place, letting go of all the stress as the sky changed colors from pink to deep blue.

Now I will share a whole experience, and explain why Rosa Sky is the best spot to visit in Miami.

Let’s Start With Ambient and Design

Aerial drone photograph of the Sky Rose rooftop restaurant

The outdoor seats were the best part, they got my attention from the moment I stepped in.

They gave a clear view of Brickell’s big buildings and the wide Miami skyline.

It felt like I had the best seats for the city’s show.

And let me tell you this, the experience is amazing.

I recommend you get here just before the sunset. And why is that? Well, you will witness the change from glowing and warm colors to slowly transforming into the sparkle like the stars build up in the sky.

As the night rolled in, the vibe changed quite fast.

The rooftop was buzzing, filled with laughs, the sound of glasses cheering, and chill music in the back.

It was all set for a night full of fun chats and memories that would stick around.

Exactly as I expected.

What I Like About the Menu?

Cocktails and Drinks in The Rosa Sky Rooftop

I couldn’t wait to try their food and drinks.

I started with “The Rosa Sky” cocktail.

It was a cool mix of strawberry and lemongrass vodka with a bit of citrus, and it cost 15 bucks.

The cocktail was just right, like having a little bit of Miami’s fun vibe in my drink.

While enjoying my drink, I took a look at the snack menu.

It was cool to see dishes from all over the world.

I went for the “Cuban ‘Cigars’,” which were like crunchy rolls stuffed with ham, pork, cheese, and pickles, costing 16 dollars. A tasty mix of different flavors that got me excited for more food to come.
Next on the menu was the “Rosey Cakes” from their Sunday Soirée selection, priced at $16.

These delightful pink pancakes came adorned with maple macerated strawberries and a dollop of Rosé Chantilly.
For my meal’s perfect match, I checked out the wine and beer list and chose a glass of Whispering Angel Rosé. It felt more natural at the moment than ordering another Rosa Sky. And it was the right decision, a perfect companion for the sweet pancakes.

However, I later decided to explore more of their rich cocktail menu. So I choose The Violet Vixen, a beautifully crafted drink with Tito’s Vodka, Crème De Violet, blackberry, and sage. The drink was a masterpiece of taste, really showing off the clever mixing skills at Rosa Sky.

If you want to go all out, they’ve got some fancy drinks on the bottle menu.

Like, this one called Clase Azul Reposado costs a whopping $1000! It’s definitely for those big and important events. I’m thinking I’ll save that for a really, really special occasion.

So, What’s Special About This Place?

Girl DJs at the party at Rosa Sky Rooftop

The rooftop spot has this awesome light show. When it gets dark and the sky fills up with pink colors, the place lights up with patterns that move with the beat.

It’s like the whole city is part of the show, and it looks so magical.

And the music. It brings Rosa Sky to life.

The DJs, who are local favorites, play everything from chill sunset tunes to lively beats that keep the place jumping till late.

They’ve got a great mix of music that’s always changing, so it sounds new every time you come. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the amazing views all around.

I’ve heard people talking about a recent event that happened here. The Miami Music Week, organized by Change the Beat.

They gathered quite an interesting team, including DJ Maxinne, IAmRemarkable, ArielleFree, JennAndAlfie, DJSydneyBlu, and JWorra.

I felt sorry that I missed that. But it is only a motivation to keep track of their upcoming events. I also have to mention that you can also organize a private event here.

Moreover, Rosa Sky is a pretty fancy place, so they like it when people dress up a bit.

They ask for smart casual clothes, so everyone looks sharp and fits in with the classy vibe. It makes the whole place feel more special like you’re part of an exclusive club.
The bar has a 21 and over rule, which keeps the mood grown-up and classy.

That fits right in with the fancy feel of the place and makes sure everyone has a good time.

It’s the go-to spot for adults who want to enjoy a night out in Miami with style.

Rosa Sky Rooftop photographed from air



Final Thoughts

Rosa Sky Rooftop in Miami is really something special.

Right when you walk in, the beautiful scenery and cool light show catch your eye.

The music’s great, and they have some really different events that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s just an awesome place to feel the vibe of the city.


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