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Experience Wynwood

Art, culture, and music interweave in No.3 Social, Southbound Hospitality’s rooftop lounge. A vibrant oasis above Wynwood’s Arts District, this rooftop space is both a tropical paradise and art gallery unique in its versatility: guests can wander along the Arcade’s walls that feature art by world-renowned artists; look out upon the painted buildings and streets of Wynwood; or relax in the shade, finding comfort in one of the many plush couches or lounge chairs that serve as a seated vacation. If guests want to escape the elements—or need a more intimate setting—they can slip away to the indoor bar, nestling into the jewel-toned seating and enjoying the Florida-inspired décor, a delicate mix of nature and elegance. This rooftop destination can accommodate up to 250 guests, with 100 seats under cover. 

Catering is available for private events.